Europe's Biggest Beachfront opened on Mykonos

Those looking to soak in the sun on the Greek island of Mykonos can do so in Europe’s biggest beachfront pool.

The sprawling 22,600-square-foot saltwater pool is located inside SantAnna, trendy beach which was opened in 2017, where guests are invited to spend the day taking in the scenery of Paraga Beach and the Aegean Sea.

Created by the minds behind the Nice-n-Easy restaurant group, SantAnna offers visitors perks that include everything from two organic restaurants and three bars to a variety of designer boutiques and a spa.

There’s also a gym, a salon, and some 28,000 square feet of beachside lounges and cabanas.

“Mykonos is known the world over as a vibrant summer destination amongst jetsetters and discerning travelers, but we found a need to cater to a more diverse and inclusive clientele,” Dimitris Christoforidis of Nice-n-Easy said in a press release.

“We want to offer an equally lively atmosphere but in a more laid back, chic environment, not only for revelers, but for families, groups and single guests alike,” he added.

That’s why guests can reserve features like the space’s “VIP Islands,” which are private subterranean lounges where guests can relax and even enjoy spa services, while a line-up curated by broadcast journalist and DJ Arthur Chi’en will keep the party going all summer long.

When it comes to food, visitors can choose from a Mediterranean restaurant serving international and Greek wines, house-made elixirs, and seafood dishes like whole grilled fish, or a 45-seater sushi and raw bar.

The venue also pays homage to its natural surroundings and Greek origins, using stones found on the island throughout the design.

Entry is free, though you’ll need to reserve a lounger or cabana if you’re interested in having a place to sit.

Rentals for cabanas and loungers range from 20 to 500 euro depending on their location.

The venue will also host events during the summer, when there will be separate pricing, while VIP island rentals are 500 euro.

SantAnna operates on a seasonal basis from May to October.